Reader this is Stockholm, Stockholm this is Reader

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As you may or may not know from my first blog post, I live in Stockholm. Yes: Stockholm, as in: Sweden, as in: dark-cold-always-feels-like-winter Sweden. I wanted to give you a short introduction to Stockholm so you know a little bit more about it if I talk about Stockholm in future posts.

Stockholm is build on many islands, which are linked by bridges. Djurgården is one of the greenest islands, with old typical Swedish houses (think: red and white wooden houses) the National museum, Vasa museum, Skansen, and Junibacken (Astrid Lindgren’s museum)

In Sweden, it starts to become dark earlier than in other places in the world, in winter at 3:00 pm. Swedish people have found the best way to survive the dark months they light up nearly every room in their apartments, which gives both the streets, as the apartments light. Places to go to are: Stureplan, Gallerian, Mood and the NK. At Stureplan you have the Sturegallerian, which is like the other two places a mall. Around Stureplan you have a few nice restaurants and café’s. Also you have the Biblioteksgatan, which is the most expensive shopping street right on the other side of Sturegallerian. Gallerian and the NK are on the opposite sides of the streets. NK is a big, expensive mall, which is definitely worth seeing. Their shop windows are always beautiful and what they sell is worth dreaming of. Gallerian has the best little food stands, with frozen yogurt, chocolate and fresh made smoothies. Mood is also something in the direction of a mal,l behind the NK. They have cool shops, cool places to have dinner or lunch and it looks great, with all these different atmospheres as you are walking through the building.

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Christmas is my favourite time here in Sweden, eating fika after school when it is  (fika is a break where you go and grab coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pie or cinnamon buns), the warm hats, the christmas decorations all around Sweden and the crushing of the snow under your feet, it’s just great.

Swedish people love their fika, when it’s fika time, there are so many people at the Espresso house, or Wayne’s coffee, or any other café’s, chatting, and drinking coffee while in their suits and work attire that it’s crazy.

Stockholm is also famous for it’s bloggers, they are famous for their Scandinavian minimalist and basic style. One of my favourites to check out is:, she is the daily portion of Stockholm, Fashion and the daily glamorous life .

Gamla Stan is an old neighbourhood in the centre of Stockholm. Gamla Stan means: Old City, Gamla Stan is where Stockholm began, it is very touristic but nice to see. Gamla Stan consists of old buildings, including the royal palace. The streets are narrow with small cute shops and chocolate café’s.

There is just too much to talk about so that was the very brief introduction, hope you liked it!

See you soon,



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