6 Typical Swedish Christmas things

With Christmas coming up I thought it would be nice to tell you guys a little bit more about Swedish Christmas traditions. I’m already enjoying many off them, here are the ones I could think of right now. I hope you guys like it!

1. Advent Star

The advent star lights up the windows of Stockholm apartments and homes, funny enough these stars only became popular in Sweden in 1955. Advent stars were created by a teacher at a German boarding school in the 1800’s, they were used to light up the castle in which the boarding school homed, a local bookstore owner saw potential in these stars (and abandoned his books ( nope! Just kidding)) and created a foldable advent star. During WW1 these advent stars made their way over to Sweden . ⭐


2. Pepparkakor and Saffranbullar

These yummy cookies are a must when celebrating Lucia (the celebration of the light, on the darkest day of the year🌞) and Christmas, they are originally cut in shapes of men, women, pigs and hearts .

Saffranbullar are buns with raisins and saffron, the Saffranbullar “season” is the only time where you use saffron here in Sweden.



3. Glögg

It is said that King Gustav I Vasa loved hot German wine mixed with honey, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves. It is great for if it’s cold outside, because the little alcohol in it and the warm temperature forces the blood towards the skin, which makes us feel warm. (to be enjoyed in small portions) 🍺


4. Jul

Jul is the Swedish word for: “Christmas”, it is very likely that the term jul originated from the feasts the vikings had before the turn of the year. 🎄🎅

5. Christmas tree

Thank Martin Luther for this tradition. Luther wanted people to celebrate christmas at home, instead of out in the streets.🎄 gustavian swedish chtistmas tress

6. Jultomten

Jultomten is the Swedish Santa Claus, he has an unkempt beard and old clothes. He originates from the idea of elves and brownies (farm guardians in the Nordic Folklore). Instead of poppin’ through the chimney, he actually sits down with the family. 🎅



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