How to dress for Winter weather in Stockholm


Nothing better than a beautiful, long, freezing walk with my dog in the morning, evening and after school. The ice particles in the air seem to have stopped any emotion on my face, making greeting people on the street an impossible business. I think I might just have found the reason why Swedish elders look significantly younger than those in Holland… Anyways, while I walked down the hill towards the sea, I looked at the pine trees on both sides of the road and followed snowflakes with my eyes, winter is finally in Stockholm. And how! 10 cm snow and -10 degrees Celsius, and the only way to enjoy this cold weather is to dress warmly, not to be stubborn (take it from me) and to just wear that very huge jacket and shoes with the circumference of an elephant leg if you don’t want to get sick or half icicle.

Most buildings in Stockholm are nicely heated (although I will give no guarantee with the Ice bar, or our home), but outside one will find a pleasant breeze of cold air freezing you to death (this comment is made by a non-Swede, this is not the opinion of all Swedes, or all non-Swedes…)

Most Stockholmers wear thick jackets from e.g. Parajumpers, Woolrich, Moncler, Colmar and Fay, and a lot of black, navy blue or red jackets. Wear warm boots from e.g. Sorel or Timberland when walking around town even when there is barely any snow, you will feel the cold in your toes. Also, wear wool, a lot of wool. Think: wool socks, wool gloves, wool hats and wool scarfs. If you do not like hats, wear the hood of your jacket or earmuffs. large-7

Wear layers so you can take off your jacket or blazer inside when it’s really hot. If you want to preserve the ruins of your hairdo, try to wear layers with zippers in them so you don’t get tangled up, or ruin the ruins of Man-shouldn’t-have-worn-a-hattan. In Sweden it is a custom that you take off your shoes when entering a home, if you are uncomfortable with this, or if your feet become cold easily bring an light pair of shoes with you in your bag.

Good luck!




large-3 large-5 large


Pictures source: weheartit



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