10 reasons to save the Rhinos

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At our school we have an extra-curricular activity where we work together with a school in Botswana to save the Rhino. The school in Botswana is trying to save the Black Rhino and they have some pretty good ideas to raise money such as a “Black Rhino Tie” event (want to check it out? Click here). However, it was only after I heard about the American Corey Knowlton and his $350,000 offer to kill a black rhino (read more here) that I decided to write this post with ten reasons to help save the Rhinos that will hopefully inspire you to switch off your computer and take some action!

  1. Rhinos have been in our ecosystem for over 40 million years, let’s not put these majestic animals together with the already extinct Tasmanian Tiger, Caribbean Monk Seal, Dodo, Pyrenean Ibex, Javan Tiger and Baji River Dolphin,
  2. Humans are the reason this species is getting extinct, by deforestation and because poachers hunt and kill the Rhinos for their horns. Even though the horns are made of keratin (like our hair) and grows back, these hunters kill the Rhinos.
  3. When the rhinos are protected, so are the other species interacting with them, or living in the same area.
  4. Rhinos are part of the big 5, the big 5 bring many tourists to the wildlife parks to see them and enhances the economy of the areas near the Rhinos.
  5. Rhinos are very critically endangered, only about 28,000 rhinos are still surviving in the wild. In 2013, 150 rhinos were killed.
  6. They are incredibly cute!!!
  7. Rhinos shape the landscape, they are mega-herbivores and with their enormous mass they change the way trees grow (making them more accessible for smaller plant eaters)
  8. Their dung enriches the soil and helps plants grow, which enriches the menu of herbivores.
  9. Rhinos are the second largest animals alive, they represent power and status.
  10. If we’re able to save the Rhino, we might also be able to save other endangered species

Want to read more about the school in Botswana? Click here

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