12 ways to live an exciting life

Know these books? “The boring life of *insert your name*” or “and again she took spaghetti bologese at that restaurant” or “how not to have fun, 10 easy steps by *insert your name*”

Yes? Then this post is for you. Here are 12 simple ways to live a more exciting life.


1. Get up early

Did I really say that? I’m terribly sorry, but does anyone know how much fun mornings are? You can have a nice breakfast outside on the terrace, or in your garden, make some good food like pancakes or eggs, go out for a jog or walk to your work or school. I think that mornings are the most magical moments of the day, the sun comes up, people wake up and the city, village, town (wherever you are) wakes up and starts living. So start living.


2. Host an activity

Bring some of your friends together and host something simple, or something where you have to put in more efforts. Ideas for this can be:

– Movie night

– Dinner night

– Who-is-the-best-cook day

– City quest

– Sports day

– Café day

– Murder night (no, don’t murder one of your friends. Reincarnate a detective novel…)


3. Random act of Kindness

A random act of Kindness is exactly what it says. A random, act, of kindness. This kindness could be holding an umbrella over a stranger while it’s raining, writing a note to someone, giving a balloon or a freshly baked cupcake. The fun thing is, it can cost nothing, it will make someone happy and you can do it to a stranger.


4. Take the train and get out somewhere you haven’t been yet. 

Speaks for itself no? The only things needed: a train ticket, a backpack, money for food, 1 set of clothes and a phone.


5. Talk to at least one stranger a day

Who knows what interesting people you might meet.


6. Go to a gallery or museum

Okay, not everyone might find this exciting, but getting out of the house and having a destination can bring us to the edge of excitement. Maybe you’ll get inspired in the museum and pick up a new hobby.large-10

7. Try something different

Are you a writer? Don’t write, take pictures.large-3

8. G0 volunteer

There are plenty of opportunities where you will meet new people and do something for society too. large-12

9. If you’re a student, find a job that excites you

Whether this is in a local bookstore, a restaurant, café or zoo, find all your options and say yes to every opportunity that you get.


10. Love food

You probably do, but go really taste something interesting, something new, take small bites and love it. large-4

11. Do something daring/ face your fears

Go bungee jumping, skydiving, deep sea diving or to take it to extremes a world trip. Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.47.28

12. Do something you love

Probably the only valid advice I can give you, doing something you love will bring out the best and happiest in you, and that’s the most wonderful you.

Now go out and live,



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