16 April fools ideas

Important note: Think of what kind of person your victim is and what they can laugh about. But do have fun you evil person!

1. Phones can’t twist tongues, evil level: 8/10

Change every word you can think of in one word, or e.g.: Your into you’re.

2. Change every name in their phonebooks, evil level: 4/10

Theme it too, Harry Potter names? The alphabet? Get creative

3. Use an air horn as doorstopper, evil level: 8/10 (not recommended for elderly)

Tape an air horn on the wall, when your victim walks in and throws the door open they will be very… Surprised

4. Impossible to clean up, evil level: 6/10

Use the front of a magazine for this, and something not bendable, fill a glass with water, place the plastic not-bendable object on the glass, turn the two objects around and place the not-bendable object and glass on a table, then carefully pull the not-bendable object from under the glass of water and leave a nice note.

5. Cage them, evil level 7/10

Print Pictures of Nicholas cage and place them everywhere, in the cupboard when they open it, on their desk, on their desktop (make it their screensaver too)  Or go to Chrome Extension to cagily their entire internet…

6. Never trust a mouse, evil level 7/10

Paste a post in under the sensor of the computer mouse. They won’t be able to move it.

7. iPhoneception, evil level 5/10

Doesn’t work with new iPhones, go to http://www.iphoneception.com and save it on your home screen, then click the new icon on your home screen lock your phone and wait for your victim to see either zombies, cats or a virus.

8. Everyone knows their name, evil level 3/10, but your victim will be famous for one ride!

This is if you want to be a little bit nicer, put a big sign on the back of your car with: “Honk, wave and yell: “Hey *insert name of victim*, they don’t know this sign is here.”

9. You really need a new tv-remote, evil level: 7/10

Put a small piece of tape over the sensor of the tv-remote.

10. Google fridge, evil level: 4/10

Put goggly eyes on every thing of the fridge

11. Flipped computer, evil level: 8/10

Flip your victim’s computer screen upside down.

PC’s: CTRL + ALT + down arrow (same combination to change it back

Mac’s: open system preferences, click display while at the same time holding down CTRL + Option

12. Worst idea ever to take a shortcut, evil level: 8/10

Change “hey” into something inappropriate, and other of your own twists.

13. Become a new cat sending server, evil level: Annoying


14. Make them do an impossible word search, evil level: 6/10

They won’t be able to solve anything.

15. Diet coke and soy sauce, evil level: You nasty!

Use an empty coke bottle, pour in sprite, and soy sauce until it’s the same colour as the original coca cola. Place it back in the fridge and ask if they want some coca Cola.

16. Coca cola fountain, evil level: 9/10



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