John Locke wants you to live life

“John Locke? Who is John Locke? Have you every heard of John Locke?”

Ahem, may I? Yes indeed, I mean John Locke, a British philosopher that lived between 1632 and 1704 who believed that human mind is a blank canvas at birth. And that human mind at the end of it’s life, is a filled canvas, the masterpiece of our life.

Then… How do we create that “masterpiece” that we have at the end of our lives?

Locke believed that the materials we use to create our own Van Gogh or Rembrandt, is made of experience. This experience sparks ideas, thoughts, opinions and memories, and these things, those are our colours, forms, letters, anything… On the canvas

Beautiful, no? The idea that we are all artists. In fact, this philosophical idea can be backed up by the idea that a man called Richard Wollheim had. He said that “art is a form of life”, it might not just be a form of life, it might be our knowledge on life. Our personal knowledge is what we have painted, or written or done on that canvas.


What kind of materials do you want to use for your own masterpiece?

I have thought about how I would like my canvas to look and I am aiming to have a canvas with many colours throughout the canvas, pieces of maps with those pins in them showing where to go or where someone has been, letters sorted in random order that, if you look carefully, are words, sentences, stories, puzzles, some completed, some where I’m still working on, pictures of places, scenes, some from movies and tv-shows, some from scenes that I’ve really experienced, faces, most of them smiling. And then there is nature in it, animals, lions, tigers, dogs, real places with a magical feel where the leaves are lime green, flowers dancing in the wind and the sun faintly shining on trees and bushes.

Don’t hesitate to go out to find the right materials that suit you for your masterpiece.



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