12 things not to do when moving

Oh La La, it’s summer again, which means smoothies, fruit, sun, relaxing and maybe summer time sadness for some of us. For those who are moving during summer, summer can be sad and pretty exhausting. But no worries, it’s going to be okay. Two years ago I moved from a small town in Holland to the big(ger) city of Stockholm, before that we moved homes in Italy and next year I will probably be moving again to University. Some of my friends have moved 8 times in their 17 year long lives and I have asked them, my family and myself what they think you shouldn’t do when you move to a new place. This advice applies to if you are moving on your own, with your family, to a new country, to university or to a new neighbourhood. If you don’t want to end up on the bottom of the stairs with a hurting arm and all your books on top of you, I advise you to read on.

Before the move

  • You will be (unless you are blessed with the incredible help of movers) moving boxes like a crazy person. You might want to quit going to the gym for a while because your arms and legs are going to be hurting. To save yourself a little pain, the first thing you should not do is packing all the heavy stuff you own into one box. Think: “Sharing is caring” and share between the boxes.
  • Everything, in the case of moving, takes a lot of time and planning. Plan everything early on, and start packing at least one month before. If there are things that are breakable or valuable take care of it yourself and take it with you personally in the car or in the airplane. If you can’t take it with you personally wrap it into three layers of bubble plastic. If you don’t take care of it yourself, don’t be sad when the moving company accidentally breaks something.
  • To minimise the damage done (physically and emotionally) do not not check the insurance of the moving company before going in sea with them. Besides that, also do not forget to check your own insurance to see what is insured or not, when something is not insured, but valuable, remember: bubble plastic.
  • Try to pack the kitchen stuff with kitchen stuff, toiletries with toiletries, school things with school things. If you are moving with your family, give each family member their own colour and colour code each box with personal stuff of that person. Don’t forget to write on the boxes exactly what is in them, it will save you a lot of time finding things later.
  • Do not hesitate to throw away things that you haven’t used for over a year, unless it’s very dear to you; throw. it. away.
  • If you are moving in with others and sharing a house or apartment do not not ask them what is already there, or whether you can take your utterly cute dog with you while they may have a blood-thirsty cat roaming around the place ready to strike of which you don’t know of, or a ban on pets.


During the move

  • When you finally arrive at your new place, you open the door and realise that you have arrived earlier then your stuff, including your clothes and toiletries, you realise that you may have to spend multiple days in those clothes. We had to wait for three days before all our stuff arrived. Don’t forget to bring a survival bag with clothes and toiletries for a minimum of 3 days. Even when your stuff has already arrived, unpacking and finding your things takes a lot of time, you will thank yourself for having packed that one bag.


After the move

  • Don’t stress out at the sight of all the things you have to unpack, see this as an opportunity to organise everything and to make your new home as you always wanted to. Put the boxes with kitchen appliances in the kitchen, the toiletries in the bathroom, etc. etc. so you can unpack one room at the time.
  • Also don’t spend all your time unpacking, even though moving and unpacking can be stressful, don’t forget to relax, look around the neighbourhood. If you don’t already know the are don’t hesitate to dress up in the only clothes you can find, grab a camera and map and explore.
  • If you’re moving in with others and you’re having trouble with something, do not not ask, it will save you: back pain, tears, hasty decisions, and you might get to know them a little better.
  • If you are moving by yourself you will probably feel a little bit lonely, don’t think that you’re going to feel lonely forever, even if your friends and family are far away. If you do not stand up and socialise (get some coffee, I don’t know) it will take a little longer to feel at home again.
  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your new neighbours, you might need their help on the first night to find the closest pizza place, or simply a loaf of bread.


Are you about to move? Do you have questions about moving? Comment below and I’ll answer you as soon as possible!


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