5 June must haves/favourites

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June, the time of the year where my family treks back to Italy and does nothing except for eating and sleeping. Therefore it might be my favourite month of the year. It’s hot, except not too hot, the flowers aren’t burned to death yet and the sky is nearly always blue. There are many things to love during June, especially because for many of you it’s the start of summer holidays. Here are my favourites that I will adore this June (I know it’s nearly the end of June, but hey. There’s still time to celebrate this magnificent month right?)




My must have June book is the Circle by Dave Eggers. I’ve only started two days ago but I’m already hooked. Right now The Circle reminds me of the Google campus, technology is flowing and everywhere, there are cool things (like technology) that make me jealous and it is set in California. How Eggers describes the Circle‘s campus feels like I’m next to the main character Mae walking down the glass hallways straight into my new job. I simply love Mae and the other characters, they are very well thought out, human, and the relations are complex like in real life. Something I can not say about all the books I read. But keeping in mind that the Circle is a bestseller now, it better have all the features of a great book.




There are so many movies coming out in June that I’m going to dedicate this “favourites” to my excitement for upcoming movies. The movie I’m looking forward to most is The Fault in Our Stars. I have re-read it about 15 times and drag it with me wherever I go. I want to see Hazel and Augustus in real life, I want to rematch the movie as many times as I have re-read the book… Although I’m not quite sure if I’m ready yet to see the story I only visualised in my head, on-screen. The Fault in Our Stars is in my top 5 books ever read, along with Harry Potter and to be honest, it was the only book I showed something like an emotion in. I think I will have to lock myself up in my room after watching it and just reflect on life and eat fast food. Another movie that I can recommend is: 22nd jump street (though I’ve already seen in) is also a must see for the lovers of 21st jump street. It is practically the same thing, except it is set in college and features a crazy roommate (with crazy, I’m mean loco). Also, as an animated movie lover that I am, How to train your dragon 2 is coming out. O my dear pasta, I loved number one already *squeals*. I love when sequels are made of animated movies, I often find animated characters much better thought-out and human then non-animated characters, and creating a sequel only adds up to the background story and tears. (though I don’t cry or laugh in books, I do way too much when watching movies)




First thing I think about when thinking of June, are festivals. Unfortunately I’m not going to one this year but all my friends are. Unfortunately I don’t know where you are and which festivals are near you, but since you are reading this, you must have internet. I recently read the introduction of online festivals, and if you’re not able to go to a festival like me then Company magazine is holding an online festival featuring Charli XCX, The Vamps, John Newman, Neon Jungle and Foxes. (Check it out here)




I find this favourite I the hardest to come up with of the five. How is one supposed to choose between different kinds of foods? I have to choose between Coca Cola (I consider it food), pancakes, pasta with pesto, ice-cream or flavoured water. Since I’ll be spending my June mostly in Italy, where my now Swedish weather-used-to skin is burning in only 26 degrees Celsius, I like to refresh with water. Except I think that water is not that tasty. I found this “recipe” on Pinterest, originally posted by thatswhatchesaid, of fruity flavoured water (Mango and Strawberry) click the link to see the recipe. Though it’s pretty straightforward and easy, it is a favourite.



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Shorts. Shorts are my ever lasting love, and I’m not talking about hot pants (uncomfortable pieces of ditch). I’m talking about khaki or colourful roll up shorts from the GAP that are perfect for a sight-seeing safari in Italy 😉 . I always wear them, over my bikini, with a t-shirt or tank top while in the city or with a blouse to make it a little more “chic” when going out for a dinner with friends.


What are your favourite things for June?



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