9 effective ways to make watching soccer fun (explained in GIF’s)

If you haven’t noticed yet, the World Cup of soccer is being played in sunny Brazil. Holland is going crazy after the two successes against Australia (3-2 win for Holland) and Spain (5-1 win for Holland). Italy is mourning after a bad game against Chile yesterday.

“It’s not just that we lost, it’s how we lost.”

I overheard that in a pizza restaurant yesterday after the game. The game was indeed pretty disastrous. Italy didn’t play very well as they played very slow too, which lead to their loss.

Normally I love watching soccer, it is a sport appreciated by nearly everyone in my family, and by nearly every one of my friends. Except during this Italy-Chile match I felt like I was being taken back to the ancient time that I didn’t like watching soccer. Therefore I had to make this small guide telling you how to make watching soccer fun, in GIF’s (just because, well I love GIF’s), by making a game, out of the soccer game.


Pick a side


(via: mojo.dailybruin)

Once you’ve picked a side you can research about them, or at least you know for whom to cheer for. During the World Cup in Brazil it’s pretty easy to pick a side, or rather: a country. (If you are from two countries, I understand you completely, don’t choose between them, be for both) (except if they’re playing against each other, just be neutral if you don’t want to make a choice)


Rise like a proud Phoenix


I don’t actually mean to transform into a phoenix and rise up 😉 , but this is your time to shine. This is your country (probably) (or your side) that is playing. You should be proud and own it. CHEEEEEER

(via: rebloggy)


Buy things in your national colour


(via: reddit)

This is not actually a GIF, but I couldn’t find funny fan GIF’s. Holland is going crazy when something like the WC comes up, in the supermarket you get orange, red, white and blue little mascots per 5 euros of products you bought, there are special dresses made by heineken that on one side is orange, and on the other has a flower pattern. You can transform your dress into two different dresses, for two different occasions. When you drive through the Dutch cities, you probably will be surprised by the amount of flags and orange flags hanging in the streets.


Friends, either those who are on your side, or on the other team’s side, doesn’t matter.


(via: Marieclaire)

Watching the match with friends or family who are on your side is fun because you can cheer together, but watching with friends who support the opposing team can unleash interesting discussions, and rather some friendly competition.


Unleash your inner critic


(via: thehungergameswikia)


(via: funnyjunk)

No seriously, this is you time to shine “proud phoenix”. Unleash your anger on that shot that your team couldn’t get, cheer, scream, and make comments on how Spain couldn’t pass the ball against Chile. 😉


Also, please do unleash your inner academic by spotting and discussing the possible strategies of the teams


(via: crushable)

Mix this with your inner critic to create even better strategies. “PLAY LEFT, THAT DUDE IS FREE, NO NO NO, YOU HAD TO SHOOT EARLIER! RIGHT, RIGHT, DON’T PLAY TO THAT GUY BEHIND YOU!”

Remember, it is not about whether you understand soccer or the strategies, it’s about how well you bring your ideas to your audience 😉

Betting Gif

(via: beachchairsport)


Eat junk food (and possibly, depending on how old you are, drink some beer)


(via: the-wonderist)


Think of your own games to play


(via: boardgamegeek)

If you are watching with your family or friends, bet with someone about a factor of the game (who is going to win, who will have the first possible shot at the goal). The loser has to walk the dog for a week, or something else.

Or better yet, if you have a television with a glass screen (I repeat GLASS screen) you can draw moustaches as fast as possible on the close ups of the soccer players. If you don’t have a glass screen, cut out a printed moustache, or glasses, or any kind of accessory and try to place it on the face of the soccer players.


Go to a game


(via: failblog)

If all of this doesn’t work, reside to plan B. Watching a soccer game in real life, is much more fun than watching one on the Television.


How do you make watching soccer fun? Comment below. 🙂



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