Coffee Place Stories

Even though I love writing blog posts on What’sUpCuriosity I often find myself staring at a blank blogpost and wondering what I should write. While when I am writing fiction I can immediately come up with something and plot it. I have always dreamed of becoming a writer and seeing my own books lie in the bestseller section of bookstores. I dreamed of that since the first time I stepped into a bookstore. Everything about books intrigues me, the smell, the way it can transport you to another world, the fact that you can craft your whole own world and people on the page. I love writing. For this end I have created a blog for my fiction short stories. Please do check it out, I will post there about 4 times a week, a story that is about 600 words.

Check it out: coffeeplacestories

And on this blog, I’ll still blog 3 or 4 times a week, I promise. I just find it very hard thinking of something fun to write. I have a list of about, let’s see, 100 blog post ideas that I find amazing when I make them up. But when it comes to writing them, whop, there we go, insecurity settles in. I promise you that I will write, please follow CoffeePlaceStories and keep track with What’sUpCuriosity.


Joy Sophia.


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