6 things you need to bring with you when sightseeing

I haven’t done particularly much sightseeing this holiday, but I know most of the areas around Milan. However throughout my life I have gone sightseeing in many places and I made a list for you what you need to bring if you are going sightseeing, exploring, shopping or  during the summer. They might all be very straightforward, but I have added some advice in here too.

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1. Cash money

Never miss out on an opportunity to eat the local food, or buy something. I normally have 30 euros with me, which normally is enough to pay for a lunch or dinner for one person. In Italy don’t rely on credit cards, many places do not take cards, be prepared. If you are wearing a jacket, put the cash somewhere in your jacket, in a secret pocket for instance.

2. A book

A book about the language, a book about the area, or a book that you can read when you are sipping a coffee on a terrace.

3. A Map

Especially if you are heading somewhere that you don’t know. What I also really like to do it marking where I went and later use the maps as decoration for my walls. If you are as messy as I am and travelling to a big city I recommend the maps from Crumpled City™ Maps

4. A phone or camera

Don’t ever skip out on an opportunity to take a picture of where you have been, later you possibly won’t remember what you saw, or the essence you felt. Also, if you have a phone with you you may be able to call someone when you are lost.

5. A bottle of water

Don’t waste water on ridiculously expensive bottles of water if unnecessary. If you don’t want to carry the weight of the bottle of water with you, be sure to have 5 euros with you to buy water or drinks from.

6. A jacket or cardigan

Nights, especially in Southern Europe, can cool off very quickly, if you are planning on going out for dinner at night, bring a cardigan or jacket to minimise mosquito bites on your body and to keep yourself warm. I forgot something to wear too many times to know that you can be freezing cold at night or in the evening standing in front of the pizzeria talking to friends or walking back to your car or hotel.

Honorary weather-influenced mentions: sunscreen, sunglasses, coat, fan, mosquito repeller.


I hope you liked this advice/list post of 5 things that you need while sightseeing, shopping or exploring. Do you have anything to add? Or any sightseeing advice, comment below ❤


2 thoughts on “6 things you need to bring with you when sightseeing

    1. Oh definitely good music! I can recommend one republic, coldplay and Arctic monkeys. And, maybe you read it before, but me and my headphones are inseparable 🙂


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