Picture diary part 1

two days are behind me, the first day spend in the Italian countryside near Aqui.
The first day we went to a small village where there was nothing else to do except looking at stuff and eating a very good pizza (I recommend the Tartufino at the Pizza e Fichi pizza place).
But nevermind some boredom I might have encountered, I decided to take pictures with my horrible iPhone camera and bring them to you. To give you (yet another) view of the Italian countryside which I love so dearly. Why do I love the countryside so much? Well there are so many details, I love taking pictures of the details, or which at least include many details. Italy is a country with so much beauty behind the old, semi-ruin houses in the smaller villages. Besides that I also love the sceneries, those with mountains and hills, skies with amazing cloud sculptures and the entire color palette in the sky, those are some things that I never see in Holland. Sweden has quite some nice sceneries too, but I like the sky in Italy more…

Soon I will also upload the St. Tropez pictures, beach and Monte Carlo pictures. Enjoy:












And yes, if you are wondering “who is that weird lady posing in that picture?, that’s me in the picture. I thought that the “who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell… Xoxo Gossip Girl vibe had to be put to an end. So there I am, a picture of me on the road.

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