Picture diary Part 2 – St. Tropez

Here are some pictures of St. Tropez, our stop on the second day of our 4 day tour along the Cote D’Azure. The pictures I chose to post are quite blurry, I apologise, blame the fact that I do not have a good bag to carry a camera with me. Yet the blurry pictures show the fact that St. Tropez at high season, is quite a blurry city. There are people everywhere, flashing lights, big cars, small chic shops and big yachts.

image-16 image-15 image-14 image-13 image-12 image-11 image-9 image-8 image-7

We dined at Luna Rossa the Italian restaurant in front of the Hermes shop. I recommend this restaurant as the food was good, Italian, the restaurant is less crowded than all the others and you have a good view of the harbour and beautiful yachts.



I hope you liked the pictures,

Love -Joy


One thought on “Picture diary Part 2 – St. Tropez

  1. Stupendo ! Luna rossa ! ci siamo stati anche noi . St.Tropez is cool but……crowded !!!
    I love the picture of the Italian village , genuine rest !!


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