St. Tropez unmasked

There are four kinds of people in St. Tropez:

1- Those who live in St. Tropez;

2- Those who are in St. Tropez to be seen;

3- Those who are in St. Tropez to see;

4- Those who work on billion dollar yachts docked in St. Tropez;

I’m not saying this structure is a bad thing, I just want to stress the fact that St. Tropez starts to resemble an ant colony.

There are legions of type 3 roaming the slim cobblestone streets while pushing themselves in small shops that are not bigger than a car where they admire and sometimes buy things that type 1 is selling, type 3 then continues their way through the traffic, through other legions, past yachts while following type 2 as if type 2 were their queens who incidentally either own the yachts where type 4 is working, or own the face who is plastered on the bedroom wall of type 3. Yikes that is a long sentence…

To sum it all up: it is a chaos in St. Tropez.

St. Tropez is somewhat that what the greek gods exchanged for what we call our home planet today (they didn’t exactly exchange it, first there was chaos, then there was night, then there was love who made space less chaotic and created light and day, from light and day came Gaea, earth… I’m getting off topic now! St. Tropez is chaos:). St. Tropez, besides being hot to drop (kind of like death valley, but then with chic shops and water), crowded with tourists (I must admit, I am guilty of touristing myself) and expensive food. Some of the food I saw being brought on tables I considered a Fika (Swedish for snack between breakfast and lunch).

If you want to get in line to enter a city, don’t hesitate, come to St. Tropez.

Do you want to think that you saw Christina Aguilera walk out of the Chanel shop/villa/mansion/townhouse/hangout-for-the-rich-and-famous while you are driving by, come to St. Tropez.

Do you want to sit on your restaurant table and wonder, what shall I do now? Come to St. Tropez.


Yet, all in all, despite the chaos, hectics, heat, confusion, ant sized food, human sized alcohol drinks and bee-hive like society norms, St. Tropez is a small city on the Cote D’azure, where one can tourist him or herself out while losing their eyeballs at the sight of the beautiful yachts, beautiful clothes, nice people and glamour.




4 thoughts on “St. Tropez unmasked

  1. …..and those who look for a rich boyfriend and future husband and meet the boy who is looking for a rich girl and future wife…….and both discover just after the holiday that none of them is rich…… But they say “who care ! Love is more important”. And they lived poor and……


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