4 creative things you can do with old milk cartons

Swedes love milk.
A lot.

The dairy section of the supermarket is huge and there are so many types of dairy that sometimes even a Dutch person can’t distinguish what’s what.
I can’t blame them though, milk is incredibly tasty, the carbohydrate lactose gives our body energy, calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorous make our bones stronger and Vitamin A gives us a stronger immune system.

Lately I finally recognized that we throw away many many many milk cartons, and we’re not even Swedish! Then I saw this amazing recycle idea for milk cartons and decided to list a few ways in which you can reuse milk cartons, effectively.

Thing 1:


Thing 2:


See how via: spoonful

Thing 3:


Thing 4:

See how via: pysselbolaget

Bonus Thing 5:

Don’t want to be bored in summer? Save your old milk cartons, empty and wash them carefully, decorate them and use them as bowling pins.

Do you have any another idea of how you can recycle milk cartons? Tell me I’m the comments. 🙂


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