Column Sunday – posting

If you have read my blog for longer time you know that every blog post of mine can be sorted in a different niche. Until now, that was fine by me, blogging was just a minor hobby. But in reality, blogging has grown into a major hobby and I am becoming a perfectionist in it.

This doesn’t mean that everything I write is perfect, au contraire, everything that I write I want to be perfect, I want it to be flawless. Yet who am I kidding, nothing can be perfect except for a pasta pesto. 🙂

Yet because all my posts are in such a broad perspective (a feature I do not want to change, because I love that about my blog) I couldn’t think of something fun to write the past weeks. 

I, Joy Sophia, have blog block. 

Okay, maybe not that I can’t blog anymore, because I’m more motivated to blog than ever and I post quite a lot, I have to say.

It’s just harder to think of what to write. My writing ritual is just me sitting in front of the WordPress blank new post screen and just thinking what to type in the title bar. Then I scratch my head and go to my favorite bloggers to see if they can inspire me into a blog post. 

Yet today, it hit me hard, like a wrecking ball hits a house (what’s up music reference: Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball). Except I didn’t fall down, the walls that blocked clear thinking were broken down and *angel chant* there is enlightenment! 😉

It happened when I was browsing through my favorite magazines (again, to find inspiration of what to write), and one simple thought walked in: “They have the same titles each month, just different content.”

Can you guess what thought hit me after?

You guessed it right: I need to organize my blog like magazines do: same titles, different content.

So I got a pen and paper (or actually the notes application on my computer) and started writing down the weekdays, and alliterations (most of them) with the names of weekdays. So I came up with different post titles for each weekday: 

Mentor Mondays

Food treasure Tuesdays

Work Wednesday

Travel Thursday

Fashion Friday


Column Sunday (okay this is not actually an alliteration, but I needed a column in there)


Mentor Mondays: Here I will share advice that you will need in life.

Food treasure Tuesdays: Here I share with you yummy food, cool recipes and amazing food art. 

Work Wednesday: On Wednesday I’ll either have an interview with someone, a short biography of someone, a job description, or some kind of research I have done on something.

Travel Thursday: Here is where I blog about travels, travel advice, travel destinations everything TRAVEL. 

Fashion Friday: Who doesn’t love fashion, but… Actually it’s not just fashion, it can also be design, or fashion news. 

Shareturday: Do you like that word? Mix of Share and Saturday. Here I just share a post of someone else, or a cool video. 

Column Sunday: Here I’ll write a column about something that happened that week, or that I realized that week.

It might not work at all, but be prepared, this will be my blog post outlay for the next 2 weeks. I’m just going to experiment with it. 

What do you think? Will it work? 

See you next time – Joy


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