Treasure Tuesday – Childhood memories

My 11 year old nephew was recently here and he announced very casually that:

My four year old sister has a phone, and she is constantly playing on it and ruining her money on calling me. She is so annoying!

What kind of phone he didn’t remember, but it was one where she could download applications on. My first reaction was surprised: “Really? A four year old?”. Then I was shocked, I mean, “A FOUR YEAR OLD?”. When I was four I was playing with Lego and other puzzle things, not with an iPhone and applications.

One of my strongest childhood memories are shared with an object that I really, really, really treasure (even though it is broken, some key pieces are lost and there is no use to it anymore except for being part of many magical childhood memories).

This object is a pink toy camera. I got it when I was 5 I think, when we were on holiday in Italy, I hated pink but I loved the camera and the images in it. I got it in a shop in a small village on the lake where an old shop owner with a long grey beard was constantly screaming at passing people:




While jumping up and down looking like a grumpy old dwarf that could have been Grumpy from Snow White. 

For the next 4 years I carried it with me everywhere I went, constantly looking through the lens only to be mesmerised time by time by the beautiful pictures that it showed of the place we had been to that holiday.

The fun thing about this little camera is, is that (if it actually works) you can see a picture of the most beautiful places of the area or city you bought it at. You can find these little camera throughout Italy at very touristic spots.

Yet now the button to change the pictures with is broken and all those different images are only a vague memory. Yet through it is broken, I love this camera with all my heart and it is, and will remain one of the many “treasures” in my museum room.

Yet what are the children of today going to remember?
“Oh remember that awesome iPhone game when we were 3? It’s not available on the Appstore anymore. But I made a screenshot on my old phone!”.

Is their “museum of memories” going to be their phone? I can not imagine I’d like that and I am sure that I wouldn’t treasure those memories as much as this camera for example. Yet that might just be me.


Hi there, I’m camera

20140721-163209-59529286.jpg 20140721-163206-59526841.jpg


What is your childhood treasure?



One thought on “Treasure Tuesday – Childhood memories

  1. I love your pink camera ! I am totally with you !!!
    My treasure was lost in a mouve !!!!! It was a little Xmas figure . A man with a little lamb on his shoulders !


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