Column Sunday – 3 clear reasons why women wear make up

Every girl has that one friend that wakes up like this.

While in reality, if you would wake up a little earlier you would have noticed that the bed of your friend is empty and that she is applying a subtle mask on her face in silence. She might have really woke up like this, if she is a very skilled sleepwalker. 


I’m guessing many people wonder why women put on make-up.

In full honesty I think most women think that too. 

Why do I put on make-up?

While rubbing the foundation on their face and glueing on eye lashes. 

While doing some research for this post I found some reasons why women put on make-up:

-To look more professional

-To look better

-To not look as if they were up until five last night

Yet the underlying reason why women still wear make-up dates back to the time in which there was no make-up yet. 


Reason number…

1: It’s a biological factor

i once saw a documentary that said:

“all women want and need love”

If you do not believe that, please refer to any magazine directed to women. I will guarantee you that they will have at least 1 entry about how to get a man or anything to do with men and love.

The only problem is: every woman wants love.


What also is a fact is that women biologically look for a strong, smart, hero-like man who could catch their food to sustain their family. 

If you do the math, there are less hero-like men then there are women, therefore there is a big competition for the men who are that Neanderthal like man.

(I’m not saying that all women fall in love with these kind of men, because after all, love is love people. Love is love. And luckily in many places in the world people don’t need to catch their food for their families anymore.)

We (women) are very aware of that one pimple on our nose that makes us look like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Zitney Spears must be eliminated. 

In come waltzing the make-up products that give us the opportunity to hide that pimple under an ice-age of chemicals to make us look more perfect than before. 

Except that process is being done by many women at the same time, each time increasing the level of “beauty”. 

It’s like the Hunger Games for love. 


2: It’s not really for the men

Don’t think that men have enough power to influence us women.

“it’s not you, it’s us”

Like suggested in reason 1: in reality it is the other women that pressure us into wanted perfection

You are just at stake. 


3. It is again a biological factor

Except this time from the man’s side.

Men also instinctually want a woman who is healthy enough to bear their children. 

Make-up helps us look healthier:

-blush makes you look healthier,

-concealer less tired

-foundation makes our face more symmetrical (people like people with symmetrical faces more). 



I hope you liked this post, if you did I’d be really happy if you would come back some time to check out what I’ve written in the future (or past). 

If you have any additions to this post please comment them below in the post because I’m really interested in this matter. 🙂 




3 thoughts on “Column Sunday – 3 clear reasons why women wear make up

  1. Maybe also because we are narcissist and we love to look great in the mirror ! Maybe because we feel nude without make up ! Maybe because the packaging of the make up is so nice and attractive and we are victims of the designers that can create irresistible objects , maybe because we are just women and we cannot still resist to grab the apple from the tree !!


  2. I know why ! Women don’t like football and therefore keep buying make up and keep exercising on their face with all those stuff to kill the time while waiting the football game is over.


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