Mentor Monday – How to survive the sales

Let’s face it. One day you will shop in the sales. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, in three years, you will find yourself in a tug of war match with a bloodthirsty person.

You will lie in bed the night after wondering whether you should have bought that sweater or not and how many people you accidentally brushed.

Sales in Milan are especially stressful, there are too many shops with clothes that you want to see, too many people who want to buy the same shirt as you, too many smells and not enough time.

I found out that having a nervous breakdown will not help you at all.

Yet I gained some field experience that might help others to survive and lie in bed that night safe and sound.

1. Think of what you need

Too many times you will buy something that you don’t actually need. Look in your closet the day before and make a list of what you need.

I desperately needed t-shirts and sweaters and told Anna to remind me not to buy shorts or pants. I came home with only shirts and sweaters.

2. It is war

Dress like it.

Be prepared to walk around beasts, dress as if you were a new Game Of Thrones character. Armor on, chin up, money in front.

Don’t dress to impress, or a little to impress competition. Be prepared to sprint around to not waste time or to get to that jacket before someone else does.

3. Bring water

Especially if it’s a hot day, often restaurants and bars overprice water in cities. I always take water with me if I go to the city.

 4. Bring food

When it’s sales, it will be crowded in restaurants and cafes too. Bring something to eat in the case you can’t get a spot at your favourite restaurant.

5. Like I said: it’s war. Have a strategy

Know to which shops you will go, or which street you will visit. You don’t necessarily need to bring a map with you, but know where to go. 

6. Bring cash

i always do this to stick to my budget. I don’t bring a card, just cash and some extra coins to buy food and pay for the parking garage. 

7. No trends

 To get the most of your sales buys, buy timeless pieces. 

8. Accessorise

Accessories are worth investing in, also, think of point number 7: buy timeless pieces. 


Happy surviving. I hope I helped somewhat. 🙂


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