Top 6 favorite August internet things

For days, weeks straight it has been bad weather in Italy. It feels like autumn instead of the summers that I remember from my childhood.

Today my friend Anna left for Sweden and at the goodbye we said: “Have fun in warm Sweden.”

Never thought I’d say that…

Only a few years ago every summer in Italy was nice and warm, with sun everyday, sunburn every day and sprints to the kitchen to hydrate yourself before fainting.

Good thing about summer 2014 is that you don’t need to sprint to the kitchen anymore, in fact, just standing outside will hydrate you. As it’s raining cats and dogs.

Yet this weather did give me the opportunity to explore the internet and make a post about it 🙂 .

So here you go: My top 6 favourite internet things for August.


Batkid Begins trailer:

I only found this trailer for the documentary of Batkid today and I love it.

I am really looking forward to the documentary as, whoa, the whole production of giving Miles (a 5-year old kid with leukaemia) his wish to become batman for a day is incredibly big and it must have been such a great yet difficult thing to do.

Find Momo:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 13.09.03

Click the picture to go to the site.

Sometimes you are scrolling through Tumblr, trying to find new things for your dashboard when you find it and you feel those amazing butterflies in your stomach because you love something that much.

I had that feeling when I found this Tumblr page.

Find Momo is a blog where Andrew Knapp takes pictures of his quirky border collie hiding in the most amazing, artistic spots.

It’s interactive art. 🙂


Google currents:


I really like keeping up with world news, only problem is is that I always have one window open with 15 different tabs and 15 different news sites.

It just doesn’t work.

Yet Google found the answer to my problem and created Google Currents. A similar programme might have been created before, if it has, I don’t know it but I wish I had Google currents a long time ago.

On Google currents (which is not available for your computer unfortunately, but you can get it in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or other devices) you can have all your favourite news distributors in one place, one app.

I have discovered other news sites that I didn’t know before and I am more up to date with the news than ever. Also nice is that you can compare different articles very easily to see what is rumour and what isn’t. You always need to know different sides to each story.




Why does reality shows entertain us so much?

I kept wondering that while finishing the entire season 1 of @summerbreak yesterday with my friend Anna.

@Summerbreak is probably the most stupid reality youtube show that wastes my time, yet it is so so so entertaining.

The concept of this show is that a group of kids transitioning from Junior year to Senior year or from Senior year to University hang out during summer, have flings, live life and go on road trips.

Yes, social media is involved, a lot.

And yes, you start speaking like the kids when you finish season 1.

But now there is season 2 too, with new kids (who seem nicer than the first bunch btw), yet similar adventures. Fun thing is is that @Summerbreak isn’t shot entirely and then published on youtube, no no, it is shot and published a day after.

Want to check them out? Click here.

Learn skills:


If you are bored because outside it’s raining and inside you have already done everything then I recommend checking out DIY, it’s a really great website on which you can learn countless skills. Also a big plus is the cute graphics.

The only thing is, is that it is for kids, but no worries, most of the skills you can choose from are fun to do even when you are not considered a kid anymore.

I have been doing the web designer skill and writer skill and it has kept me busy for quite some time 🙂 .




This amazing app is probably one of my favourite apps after Minion Rush.

When we went to France I had to polish my French a little and voila: Duolingo can help you with that.

It is well animated, the games are easy to navigate through and it’s a very well build up language-learning course.

Best of all…. It’s free.


Here you go, these are my Internet top 6 favourites for August. I hope you liked it and I really hope you have additions so I can check them out 🙂 Post them below in the comments!




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