Travel Thursday – the panino Milano

There are countless, amazing, great, yummy restaurants, bars, cafes and panini bars in Milan, Italy. But really who am I kidding, it’s Italy, you will find an amazing pizza restaurant in even the smallest of villages.

In Milan there is a very wide choice of restaurants, there is a great sushi restaurant on top of the Rinascente, there is an amazing restaurant called Valentino, with great truffle pasta, and so many touristic bars in Corse Vittorio Emmanuele with very good ice cream.

Yet in between all of that there is my favourite lunch place in Milan: a very simple, rather cheap panini bar near Corso Vittorio Emmanuele called Pandino il Panino.

Pandino il Panino is just as amazing as the name sounds, they have great paninis and Bagels, salads (perfect for the date with that girl, because we all know that girls don’t eat anything but salads on dates) and pastas and just hmmmmm food.



(Pictures made by Joy Sophia, edited through Photo Collages)

All dishes are rather healthy and all their products are checked by them.

I would really recommend the #4 of the juices, it is the best I’ve taken when I went there.

Though the place might not have the most amazing view (a dark shop and horrible walls), it is not as well known as most restaurants in Milan, therefore normally there is no line, even though it’s 5 steps away from the most crowded shopping street, an ideal little relax spot.

Be sure to check them out when you find yourself in Milan.



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