How will the architecture of the future look like?

Originally posted on another blog of mine, but that one I have deleted. Enjoy!

Architecture shapes our cities and is becoming cheaper and more sustainable every day. Also architects seem to be one of the few people who are actually thinking of the upcoming environmental troubles that we’re going to meet and try to find solutions for that.

I believe that in the future we can build strong, good homes for the homeless and those in need for a cheap and green price, so I started researching on the current futuristic architectural concepts that might be standing in our cities in a matter of time.

As the daughter of an architect and designer I grew up loving architecture and design and have been surrounded by it for a very long time.

Here are 10 futuristic and modern architectural concepts that will shape the future of our world.

1. Inflatable concert halls



This concert hall by Ark nova is incredible. I think this is a very good, non permanent solution for big concerts and maybe in the future even football games. It would have saved Brazil a lot of money to build their stadiums.

Anish Kapoor, a English sculptor and the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki created this huge purple music jelly bean to tour with it through Japan after the 2011 earthquake.

2. Fashion boutique in China


This is the design for a fashion boutique in Hangzhou, China. Though I love the architecture, I don’t think it is great for a fashion boutique though. Peeking through little windows might not be the best way to display your products…

3. Invisible homes


This I really really really like. I used to live in the middle of the woods, and some of the homes should have been invisible because they ruined the landscape.

This house uses camera’s and send those images to high tech LED facade system in the walls.

4. Noah’s Arc

ark-project-bioclimate-house6 ark-project-bioclimate-house5 ark-project-bioclimate-house3 ark-project-bioclimate-house1 ark-project-bioclimate-house7

This is the concept of Remistudio with the help of the International Union of Architects’ program Architecture for disaster relief, and like Noah’s arc it is made to protect us from future extreme environmental conditions.

The arc structure divides the weight of the building to make it resistant to earthquakes and all the plants inside are carefully picked out to be the most efficient for oxygen production and beauty.

5. Bus stop

eyestop-italy-futuristic-bus-stop2 eyestop-italy-futuristic-bus-stop1

Swedes love public transportation, or at least, in Stockholm. The T-bana in Stockholm is filled with gorgeous art and is one of the most efficient metro lines in the world. Also the busses in Stockholm are efficient and reach nearly every part of Stockholm.

This bus stop concept by SENSEable city Lab of MIT is equipped with solar panels to power the interactive booth, it shows the times when the bus arrives, interactive ads and the location of your bus.

6. Cell homes

squ-leo_pr_3dl_rgb_2296 squ-leo_pr_er04_rgb_4163 leo_pr_er04_rgb_4134 leo_pr_er02_rgb_3265

These Leonardo Cube homes have cell-like structures and a spotless white inside. It is created by 3Deluxe and was completed in 2007 and is used for informal meetings.

7. Coral Reef

future-architecture04 future-architecture04-3

These buildings are made to house refugees in Haiti and can house over 1000 families. Besides that it is resistant to earthquakes as it absorbs the vibrations caused during an earthquake.

8. Floating city

future-architecture02-2 future-architecture02-1

It is very obvious that architects are thinking of earth’s future, plants, refugee buildings for in case of extreme weather environments, this concept Lilypad is one of these concepts.

It is a floating city in the ocean for when the ice caps melt, it can house 50,000 people and collects and purifies the water on which it floats (inviting flora and fauna) and rainwater.

9. Hopetel: homeless shelter


To help the people who do not have a dry and safe place to sleep this new scyscraper is a metaphor for the high rising numbers of homeless. It provides a place where homeless can sleep, eat and wash themselves and get an opportunity to get back on their feet.

10. Futuristic hospital rooms


Dina Battisto recreated the health care spaces in year 2020 with digital flat screens to monitor your health and smart doors to alert for allergies.



You can see the patterns in most concepts, architects use a lot of white and glass to create their buildings and a significant increase of trees and bushes are incorporated in the buildings such as in Noah’s arc and the floating city.

Please leave feedback and a comment with other futuristic architectural concepts that I might not have included in this post.



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