What is the current situation at the landslide in Malin, India?

Joy Sophia, 10:58, Friday 1 August.

In Malin, a village in India near Pune rescue workers are trying to locate the missing villagers that were hit by a landslide on Wednesday that covered the entire village while they were sleeping.


via: bbc

There were 60 casualties until now, but the hope to find more survivors under the mud is slim. Bad weather makes the rescuers job harder as ploughing through the mud is hard.


Villager looking for her family members, via: Indiatoday

“Miracles do happen, we will keep looking, but under current conditions it is very, very bleak,” Alok Avasthy says to AFP news agency. Avasthy is the regional commandant of the National Disaster Response Force.

Malin is a small village of 200 people, and the landslide was only noticed when a bus came by and the driver saw that the village was covered in mud.

video found on: BBC.


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