Shareturday – Simply Swedish recipe book

Today is Shareturday! YEAH! I love sharing things. But I’m guessing most bloggers do, YEAH. This Shareturday I want to talk with you about Swedish Cuisine. It might not the best known kitchen in the world, but it is certainly good except for that rotting fish that they eat that they can’t open in their homes because it stinks so much. Yet, most of their sweet things are amazing. When you find yourself in Sweden be sure to eat a Kanelbullar, it is very good, and very unhealthy. I think I’ve added at least 3 kilos of kanelbulle weight to myself. And it’s is totally worth it.

Simply Swedish is written by a Swedish food writer and recipe developer Margareta Schildt-Landgren who combines her great original Swedish recipes with a twist with the amazing pictures by Christina Uhlin.
If you don’t like food (really?! You don’t like food?), or cooking or baking food (I’m not the princess I’m the kitchen either, but that does not stop me from poisoning people with my cooking skills), but you do like photography, then you should buy it too, there are amazing pictures in them that show Swedish food culture very well.

You can buy this book in Stockholm at Designtorget.


2 thoughts on “Shareturday – Simply Swedish recipe book

    1. Thank you! I followed you, and your blog looks amazing too! My French is a little bit rusty, but I understand most of it 🙂 cool content, – Joy


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