Treasure Tuesday – How Pinterest will help me survive in the future

It’s treasure Tuesday, probably one of my favourite theme days of the week. Why? So I can share a treasure with you.

This week the treasure that I will praise is Pinterest.

But you have probably already heard of Pinterest, the wonderful gem with amazing pictures about anything and everything. Organising the pictures you like is really easy (if anyone also knows Weheartit, then you know what pain it is to organise pictures on there).

Since I made my Pinterest account I’ve been pinning non-stop creating 22 individual boards (now it’s getting rather hard to organise things… “Does it have to go in the Geeky me, or If you need to laugh board?”). Problems, problems…

If you have read my Architecture in the Future post, then you already know that I love to think about the future.

In the very near future (less then a year to be exact), I will move to University and have to live on my own. I am really excited to live on my own, yet at the same time one thing haunts me…

I can not cook.

Or at least, not well. I know how to make greasy pancakes by heart, an egg is pretty basic, but then it must be ONLY EGG, and pasta without sauce is my speciality if we’re really that desperate that I have to cook.

Yet I’m trying to learn how to cook (and mastering the art of not let the pasta water overflow when it is boiling). I’m sure more people out there are trying to figure out: “How”, and “What” should I cook? We all know “why”, because there are 3 answers to that one: 1) food, 2) food, 3) food.


How will Pinterest help me survive in the future:


1. I will not starve

Behold: the Pinterest board I made with easy (I hope) recipes to make in University.

(You can thank me later.)

You can check the board out now (or later). Yet first let me share with you my 4 favourite, yummy looking recipes on there:

Soft pretzels, YES SIR YES!


Check out the recipe: here

Bread cones (All Dutch people love bread, now it’s a take-away version)


Check out the recipe: here

Lemon Orzo Salad with Asparagus and Tomatoes


Check out the recipe: here

Spinach Lasagna Rolls (This is actually one of my favourite foods of all time)


Check out the recipe: here

2. I will not fail with life hacks and save my energy

I love life hacks to help me do things easier. I also made a board about that (Off course I did), you can check that out here.





Now, I won’t bother you anymore with this post, go check out my Pinterest boards if you are interested and see you in the very near future in a post!



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