Work Wednesday – checklist must have back to school/work/uni pieces

My last post was to give you inspiration on outfits for back to school/uni/work anything you have to get back to. Yet while finding the snaps to fill the post I realised that it might be nice doing a “must-have pieces” post. Yet in checklist style.

This post is not to here to tell you what to wear on your first day, that’s all up to you. Yet this post is here to inspire you what to buy before you have to get back to wherever so that you don’t have to worry.


1. Summer’s-not-over-yet sunnies


Ray Ban club master glasses via: here.                         Ray Ban Round glasses via: here.


Warehouse round glasses: via: here.

Just because summer is nearly over, doesn’t mean we’re going to just let it, the sun is still out right? Sunglasses can be worn all year round… (Except for winter in Sweden, really sun, really? Do you really have to leave us before school finishes? REALLY?)

2. The Tee


Feminin T-shirt here.                                                         Upside down T-shirt here.


Asos basic t-shirt here.

T-shirts are good with everything, under a blazer to make it more sporty, over pants to make it more casual. I love t-shirts, and they will forever be my love. 

3. Billy Jean


High waist here.                                                                 Supertrash jeans here.


Dots here.

Jeans is like the omnipotent hero of our closet. You don’t know what to wear, Billie Jean is there, have to go in nature, Billie Jean is there, shopping? Billie Jean. Eating? Billie Jean. Date? Billie Jean. 

4. Best bag


Blue leather here.                                                              Satchel here.

Accessorise, accessorise. 

5. Jack Jack


Military jacket here.                                                          Detective jacket here.


Rain coat here.

We have to face the truth, soon it’s going to be cold again. We need to Game of Thrones it up and protect ourselves because:



6. Sneakers


Nike sneakers here.                                                           Black nikes here.


Nike Thea black here.

We all know the boots, yet the sneakers are the ones that are the most comfortable. 

Hope you all liked this post, if you did be sure to comment, like and share. 🙂 I made this post very quickly because I have to pack to travel.

Do you think I forgot something in this list? Comment below or contact me.


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