Work Wednesday – inspiration back to … outfits

If I would have to explain to someone what my style is it wouldn’t (like anybody else’s style) be explainable in one word. Yet if I really have to, I can do it in one sentence:

Sporty-chic with splashes of neon and tomboy.

I guess…

Yet (I know you don’t want to, I don’t want it either to happen…) summer is nearly over. A moment of silence please…

Summer is over which means that school, work, uni or whatever it is that you do, will begin again. They say that you only have one time to have a first time. Yet if you word it a little differently you only have one time each year for a first time (going to school, going to work). Therefore we have to make the most of it.



via: here

I especially like the pastel neon skirt in this outfit, and a button down blouse is never out of la mode.


via: here

One of the Olsen twins (really who can keep them apart?) is rocking the little-black-blazer. 


via: here

That jacket is amazing. I would wear it every day if I had it.



via: here

The way most people walk in Sweden in winter, with those big, furry, warm coats. 



via: here

Casual monday starring amazing bag. 



via: here

Beauty in blue (Kenza Zouiten). Love every piece in this picture. 


via: here

First off, great picture. Second of all, I love the boots. 


Check out my next post on 15 must have back to … pieces.


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