Trend – Blue coat

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 20.40.50 Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 20.41.40

Pictures of Elle via:

Elle Fanning being her beautiful self | spring fashion | Pinterest
Lupita Nyong’o pals around with Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week …
Elle Fanning sports two stylish outfits in one day before Paris …
Elle Fanning looks beautiful in retro ice cream shades at the Miu …


I love Elle Fanning’s coat, and look trough ASOS to find 3 similar blue coats. Wear it with as much pride and happiness as Elle and rock your outfit!


ASOS Coat in A Line With Panel Detail



This coat is the most similar to that of Elle’s,

ASOS Coat With Asymmetric Colour Block



This coat is about the same colour as Elle’s coat. But I love the colour blocking of the coat. This is the jacket I’m most probable to wear.

ASOS Boyfriend Coat


Though boyfriend coats don’t look nice on me, I do love the coat itself.


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