Totally on purpose experiment on the effect of a long trip on a teenager without movies.

Travel Thursday is a very good theme for today, as we have been travelling for 9 hours straight, and we still haven’t reached our destination. I like my long trips with movies, food, and preferably no traffic. It is such an eye opener when your trip is nothing like that. I forgot to download movies in iTunes, which is my first advice for anyone not driving the vehicle with which you travel: Don’t forget your movies!!!

1 hour on the trip.

We just passed a part with many turns and hills, my dog was screaming is out next to me, while I was determining that looking out of the window doesn’t work for me. Passed this first hour playing the many games that I downloaded this morning before leaving.

Games downloaded:

-Ninja UP! (Fun for a while, but pretty hard 3/5)
-Star Admiral (Couldn’t even access it, it needed my game centre name, even though I had no internet 1/5 for now)
-Crazy Taxi: City Rush (This is actually really fun! Except the fact that you have to wait every 5 missions you do because you fuel is gone… 4/5)
-Flow free (Easy, very easy, yet entertaining for at least an hour if you really have to be entertained, 4/5)
-3D parking simulator (This seems harder than parking an actual car, I DID NOT CRASH INTO THAT BIN SIR! 3/5)
-3D Air-plane Fighter Pilot flying simulation game.  (Couldn’t do any of the other options except for classic, also I died every 5 seconds. 2/5)

2 hours in the trip.

Finished 3 games. Why does no-one make a good game, hard to finish, with a good concept that isn’t copied from any other game.
Maybe I should make an app…

2,5 hours in trip.

Traffic jam of 4 km. You must be kidding right? Did anyone have an accident?
If so, may the odds be ever in your favor.
However I once saw this traffic jam test on YouTube. They had a big circle road and let drivers drive behind each other, at first everything went well, then because one car slowed down for a little while the rest created an instant traffic jam.

3 hours in trip.

Gazing at the mountains in Switzerland, it’s funny how small we actually are in comparison to the earth.
OH OH OH OH, THIS IS LIFE IN COLOR! TODAY FEELS LIKE NO OTHER!!! #karaoke #myparentsmightbewonderingifI’mallright.

Imitating this EASY A scene on One Republic songs.

3,5 hours in the trip.

Feeling good because we just ate food. It’s really miraculous how much a pasta can have influence on one’s way of thinking while at the same time speeding up time. I’m not that tired anymore, and still karaokeing.
Amsterdam – Imagine Dragons.
I think I should learn how to drum…
Crazy Taxi is a very nice game, now I can drive in a car 🙂 . Also Flow, the puzzle game is pretty cool.
Dumb ways to dieyy, dumb ways to diehyhy, duuuumb ways to die,
IF THERE’s a future we want it!! NO O O O O OW! Paramore…

4 hours in trip.

Did I close my window?

5 hours in trip.

We just drank some coffee, let my dog out for a walk. Now writing a story I just came up with.
Currently playing: prayer in C

6 hours in trip

Wrote 4 pages of a story and ate a small Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in a restaurant crowded with Ducth people.
Wiggle is the worst song ever, also “turn around turn around turn around” tune is copied from Justin Timberlake’s What goes Around… Comes around

7 hours in trip.

Back to karaoke, now in French with Ta fete
Finished over 75 puzzles in Flow…
Decided to go work on a school essay…

8 hours in trip.

Working on university application
I’m getting things done here.
Procrastination is not the answer to anything people.

9 hours in trip.

Playing taxi rush while driving up our drive way.


Yes, a long trip can be boring (especially without movies). But, in reality, it’s not that bad as you expect it to be before the trip.

I wrote this post in the car, under the influence of tiredness and music, I hope it’s not too bad quality. 😉 I hope I entertained you though!


Disclaimer: Featured image from here.

Also note that this is a humor post, nothing serious.


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