Driving Penny’s. Why you should learn how to skateboard.

I’ve wanted to learn how to skateboard for a long time. Why?

A friend of mine asked me (when I told her I wanted to learn this skill):

Why do you want to learn how to skateboard?

She added an “Ugh” to it too, but she has never stood, or properly observed skateboarders.

Well first of all because I like skateboarding better then biking. Let me explain that: in Holland we bike. A LOT. And I’m not a particularly good biker since I lived too far away from school to bike to school.

In Sweden I live close enough to school to be able to bike, but I don’t, because I don’t have a good bike to cope with the hills (see: living in Holland, aka: flatland). However walking to the busstop is only 5 minutes, but sometimes you just have to get there fast. Biking is a no go since I can’t put my bike in safety near the busstop, but a skateboard…

You can bring a skateboard with you. See where I’m going? I could lessen my total preparation time in the mornings with 11,11 % if I would skateboard to the bus stop. In those minutes that I’m saving I could take a longer shower, I could sleep a little longer, I would not have to stress so much if I snooze my alarm.

Skateboarding, besides having a positive influence on my time schedule, is also a pretty good and fun exercise. When skateboarding you have to balance yourself (which is good for ballet dancers and golfers like me), makes your ankles flexible (yay ballet), teaches precision, improves coordination, relieves stress, burns calories, and according to the Centers for Disease control and Prevention it is a moderately intense aerobic activity.

The next step would be to get a board to learn how to skateboard.

Yet have I found a board yet? Nope, I have been too hesitant on buying one since I don’t know how to ride a skateboard.


Or actually, no, I do know how to skateboard. I have taught myself how to skateboard in our backyard with an old skateboard (with a shark on it). I knew that when I fell, I was doing something wrong, therefore I did everything that kept me standing on the board. However I was 6 years old, I don’t remember a thing of my self-taught lessons except for the falling because I accidentally rode on the grass.

Yet this year, buying a board is on my TO DO list, and knowing how to PROPERLY skateboard is on that same list right above buying a board.


Though I haven’t bought a board yet, I have fallen in love with a type of board: The penny boards. I adore colours, and these boards contain loads of them. Check them out and learn how to skateboard!


Penny Soda Fade 22′


Pastel Peach 22′


Pastel mint 22′



Penny Holiday Hawaiian 27′



4 thoughts on “Driving Penny’s. Why you should learn how to skateboard.

    1. Ahaha, I know right! I just love the colours of these boards… But they’re pretty pricey, which is one of the things that is keeping me from buying one since I don’t know how to skateboard and thinking it might be a waste of money in the end. But I guess we can try… πŸ˜› They also have these boards in a long size, maybe that’s more something for us πŸ™‚ -Joy

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