Mentor Monday: How will nail polish soon save hundreds of lives?

I know that most females are aware (and afraid) of the new kind of sexual assault that has emerged from the dark corners of the cities. This sexual assault involves drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB and can seriously damage you and sometimes even kill you.

What these drugs do is basically make you a puppet of whoever has given you that drug.

Now you might think that you will be able to taste it if it is in your drink. Yet often times: you don’t. Which roughly means that bad things are going to happen to you if you take those drugs. Yet that’s just a guess…




Four Materials Science and Engineering students students of the North Carolina State University students (these guys are better known as: Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Stephen Gray, Ankesh Madan and Tasso Von Windheim) have created the solution, or at least a way of preventing being drugged and everything after that. Their solution: nail polish. 

It is not Chanel, nor Dior, Sephora, nor does it have a great colour (clear, like a crystal ball) but it’s definitely worth your money. (Also, you can just put it as top coat over normal nail polish, problem solved, get over it 😉 ) 

These four guys all know someone who have been the victim of rape drugs, and know the immense impact these drug-facilitated rapes can have. 

This nail polish changes colour when it comes in contact with drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB. Therefore, if a lady puts her finger in her drink, and her nail turns a different colour, she will know to dump that drink.




This drug will empower women a little bit more, so they can (to some extent) take control about their future. 

But, just like bacteria and antibiotics, the drugs that this nail polish will be able to detect might change, or people will find new ways to drug people. But for now, or for the future, I will definitely make use of this nail polish as soon as it comes in the market.

If you want to read more about these 4 guys’s project you can click this link to read their Facebook page. 


Don’t forget to share this post to tell your friends, followers and family about this product. It could save their life.


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