The flu, Netflix and blog apologies


Hey there lovely readers 🙂 , 


I am incredibly sorry that I have not posted anything since… I don’t even remember the last time I posted something. I am very sorry, I truly am. 

But me and my boyfriend… Excuse me, me and my Netflix (got carried away there for a moment) have been binge watching Doctor Who, Homeland, Game of Thrones and Avatar (no judging, it’s a great show, with many childhood memories). Why would I have enough time to binge watch tv-shows? 

Blame the flu. 

It has been invading our entire school (our school is not that big, so it spreads pretty quickly). It’s like walking through the set of walking dead. Everyone has headaches, everyone is sneezing, everyone is sniffing, everyone is coughing, and the worst part is: they do all of that in other people’s faces. 

Not on purpose off course. You know how the etiquettes are that you sneeze or cough away from people. Problem with our school building is, when you turn around, you find another person. 

It’s all about the luck of where you are standing. 



Second reason why I haven’t been blogging anymore is because I felt like my blog isn’t good enough. My goal with this blog is to improve my writing skills, so Google has gotten millions of searches from me involving the words: “blogging tips”, “writing skills” and “improve writing”.

If you are someone who has ever Googled those searches, you know that there is one word in all of those posts that freak you out. You know what that word is. 

Honestly, Niche? It’s the most scary word of them all. At least for me.

Why? Because until now I still don’t what my niche is (I’m still not sure what a niche is exactly, but I have a suspicion).

I don’t know how many other blogs I’ve created with other “niches” and topics, and more specified than this one. But each time I return to this blog. Even though I dislike my Url… 

I have a history with this blog, I’m incredibly sorry I do not have a niche like other blogs out there (I say that mostly to myself, but feel free to accept (or not) this apology). 

But yet, without a niche I feel kind of left out of all this niche talk. 


Hereby I declare thexpatelite (WhatsupCuriosity) to have to niche: rainbow. Since, I love writing about news, and I love writing about fashion, AND I love writing about life in Stockholm. Maybe I’ll just create another Buzzfeed (the best website ever made). 

   the-internet giphy  

See you soon, sorry for bothering you with this awful post 😉


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