Shareturday – Apple Parody’s level 1000

Hey there Curious people,

I just realised that it’s saturday today which means (according to the little schedule I made on my about page) that I plan to share something. Which I didn’t even realise until I hovered with my mouse over the Publish button. Talk about coincidence…

With Apple having launched their newest gadgets recently so many Apple parody’s have popped up on the interweb. Having seen them, enjoyed them and rewatched them, I decided to share them with you guys.

I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Parody 1:

With already over 1,9 million views, the video below is heading to viral. And I can see why, it is hilarious. Especially because it is incredibly true.

I was really excited for the Apple conference, not because I am a particular Apple fan, but because I was excited to see the Design. Honestly, I think that the Design for both the new iPhone, as the Apple watch (what’s up with that, they should call it iWatch) are a little below the public’s expectations. The iPhone is heading towards the Samsung Galaxy note, and the watch is just… A watch.

Instead of an amazing, futuristic idea that we had before the conference…

Expectation of iWat… Excuse me, Apple Watch


New Report Tempers iWatch Expectations, Device May Have ‘Simpler …

Reality Apple Watch

Parody 2:

This video is a little more viral than the last one, it has 10,5 million views. But how can’t it. It’s hilarious. Ikea has done a great job making me (and the rest of Sweden) proud that Ikea is Swedish. It is one big 2,28 seconds of ridicule and points at the reality of our society (and the Apple advertisements).

Experience the power

Of a Bookbook.


Hope I shared something that you hadn’t already seen yet and that it made you laugh.

Have a great day and see you soon!



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