The Maze runner – movie review

Today I found myself sitting in big red chairs with a package of popcorn next to me, a box of candies, three of my best friends, 15 other people in a room for 250 and an amazing movie that premiered in Sweden today. I was quite surprised that, though it was the premiere of The Maze runner today, there was barely anyone sitting around us. Therefore I had the chair next to me to rest my legs and bags on. I have been looking forward to The Maze runner for a loooong time. I have rewatched the trailer so many times and started reading the book (I haven’t finished yet).

The Maze runner revolves around Thomas, who wakes up in a moving elevator, without knowing anything but his name. The elevator brings him to a place that is called the Glade, which is inhabited by around 50 boys (Gladers) who are trying to survive in the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by a maze that shifts every night and which is inhabited by mysterious creatures called the Grievers. When Thomas arrives the community the boys created in the past 3 years starts to change. One of these changes is the introduction of a girl who recognises Thomas, she is the first ever girl to arrive in the Glade. Together with his fellow Gladers he tries to find the exit of the maze to escape and find out why they were put in the maze.

I am writing this review only a few hours after I watched the movie and honestly I am still organising my thoughts. There is one thing I very clearly know though: I love this movie.

I have read and seen book reviews of The Maze runner where the reviewers say that the Hunger Games trilogy are better and very alike to The Maze runner. I personally liked The Maze runner more than the Hunger Games. Why? The set is great, the characters are relatable and there are unexpected twists that will blow your mind and rip your heart out.

Besides that I also think that, yes even though both the Hunger Games and the Maze runner are dystopian movies filled with death and the theme tackling human behaviours in life-threatening situations, they are also incredibly different. I feel that the Maze runner is more leaning to the dystopian side than the Hunger Games, which includes a big part of glamour and sets that are often over the top.

The first things that popped into my mind when the screen went black were questions. Dozens and dozens of questions about how the future of this movie and this character looks like. To find the answers I therefore will start reading book 2 of the series because I just have to know what happens next.

The Maze Runner is filled with great characters, mediocre acting (this is a review after all), a gorgeous cast (you too Chuck) and a rather entertaining and well worked out plot. Wes Ball (the director) has done a really great job in portraying another dystopian movie after the successes of the Hunger games and Divergent. What I like, and what is different from Divergent (a movie I also highly appreciated though the sets were quite cheap looking), is that the set looks real. The buildings that the guys build in the Glade are quite close to reality, it is something that the teenagers of today could build too. Details are worked out better in the Maze runner.

I highly recommend that you go watch this movie, just for the sake of entertainment. 🙂 🙂

Beware though, multiple things will inevitably happen when you watch this movie:

1. You will start loving this kid:


That moment when he runs with all the bags over the field… Ahw!

2. Your adrenaline levels will rise every time someone enters the maze and encounters a Griever


Don’t die! You don’t deserve to die! No not you!

3. Your face is equivalent to this every time Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ki-Hong Lee has screen time, which is every scene


Aye, hello there mate…

4. You will wonder if you could survive in the Maze


Probably not.

5. You will be filled with pride to be a lady when Teresa throws rocks (you know when when you watch the movie)


“Like a girl.”

6. You will have to stay seated for a moment to let all your emotions, thoughts and things you have seen in


Can you handle this?

7. So. Many. Questions.


Confused, sad, happy, amazed, what?

Did you watch the Maze Runner yet? What did you think of it? Tell me below in the comments.


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