F. E. M. I. N. I. S. T. à la Emma Watson – Work Wednesday

Play this while reading through (off course pause it when Emma Watson is speeching.)

Though this video has been roaming on the internet for quite a while now, being reflagged, liked, retweeted and shared for over 3 million times, I only saw this video today. Giving this speech made Emma Watson even more amazing. I mean, we all know Emma Watson is amazing in many ways: for example being truly herself, knowing and accepting her flaws and embracing her strengths, besides that she is an amazing actress/ Brown University graduate (yes ma’am you read that right, Brown University) and on top of that she is a young woman who will, and already has, inspired many boys and girls around the globe. Especially with her speech that she gave in UN recently:

Although it has been pointed out many times recently (also by Emma Watson in her speech), let me tell you again: being a feminist is not being a man-hater. If you know a feminist who is man-hating, then… He/She (although I’m guessing in this case a she), is not really a feminist.

For me personally (and for others too), feminism is the pursuit of equality and the privilege for everyone to have a choice and a voice in this world. 

Internet is helping people all over the world to let their voices be heard. Though most often to a small audience, there are people that are reading their opinions. Think of Malala Yousafsai, who wrote on a blog for the BBC about life as a girl in a Pakistani village ruled by the Taliban. She started out with a small audience on her blog, yet today, she is only 17 years old and one of the best known advocates for women’s rights.

…. But it’s time for a wake-up call.

Though the thought of equality is here, and many things have already been done (and have been achieved), there is still a lot of gender inequality in the world. It will not go away by sitting here and reading this.

But you can take action. By sharing, imagining ways to improve your own society and maybe even start a blog to write about these things. Start small, end big I suppose. 🙂

I do not label myself as a feminist, as I don’t feel much for labels. But I do believe that gender equality is a very important factor of the creation of a good world in which we want to live in.

But achieving gender equality, off course, is easier said than done.

How can we really eradicate inequality?

Gahm there are too many things to be done, and that can be done.

First of all: we should stress the need for education. Both primary, as secondary, as tertiary and for both female as male students.

Besides that we should provide easier access for both genders to economic opportunities.

We could do this by globalising wifi through for example the wifi balloons by Google, yet then we have wifi in remote areas, but no computers.

We could recycle old, but usable computers and donate them. Then what about electricity?

Well what about solar energy sir?

Globalizing wifi, and giving people the opportunity to surf the internet will provide economic opportunities by being able to start, and market, their own businesses, talk to other people, find solutions, educate themselves.

And then third, but definitely not least (I’m trying to keep this post relatively short), is by improving nutrition and healthcare. One way to do this is by setting up projects to allow medicine students to travel to remote areas as a work experience trip. When there they could both gain work experience, help the people, and teach the people about healthcare. Though teaching will be more difficult due to the language barrier. Yet I’m positive that CPR training can be given using signals and telepathy. 😉

I have gotten the opportunity to express my opinion, and boy does that feel good. I stand within the figurative army that is standing arm in arm behind Emma Watson and other Feminists.

All women are a little feminist inside, I think. 🙂


How do you think we should eradicate gender equality? What do you feel for Feminism? Tell me in the comments 🙂 I’m looking forward reading them. – Joy


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