73 questions with Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is the amazing actor who plays in one of my all-time favourite movies: Legally Blonde (if you haven’t watched it, close the internet and watch it!). Vogue has uploaded an amazing clip where a reporter records Reese and her great house in LA from the point of view of his eyes. He asks her 73 questions that we are all dying to know from her. These questions bring out her personality, and shows why is she is such a great role model. She doesn’t seem to lie (even though the entire clip is scripted).

I hope that Vogue, or someone else, creates more of these videos because I really enjoy them. Besides being short, shot with a fun camera angle that allows you to feel as if you were there, and getting to know information that you would only know as a close friend… I feel like I know Reese.

Good job guys!



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