The recruitment is done through a video game.

The job is not.

I only found out about this documentary today after browsing VICE news. I’m going to watch is as soon as possible, as I am very interested in espionage.

Isn’t it incredibly interesting (and frightening) that someone can be monitoring you and me at this moment, and knows things about us that no-one else does.

Drones are the new way in which agencies such as the CIA gain information about their targets, without personally going out on the field. A win situation for the army and these agencies.

The usage of drones is not just happening in the US. Also where I live, in Sweden, drones are used. At video game conferences the army approach teenagers as young as 12 years old, according to the creator of Drone Tonje Hessen Schei.

I can imagine that being asked to be a drone pilot seems great at first glance, flying a drone is said to be alike video games (the army recruits and trains their pilots through games, enough said). However, as this documentary shows, reality is not a game.

Watch the trailer for DRONE here.


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