Autumn Must Haves

Today I visited Stockholm University for a High-School orientation presentation and campus tour. Roaming around the University campus is amazing if you love people-watching and walks in semi-nature. Under the big orange, yellow, red and green trees, whose leafs fall on the ground creating a red carpet of leafs, I spotted some people with interesting stuff with or on them.

The changing of the seasons, together with the inspirational Stockholm fashion style and the Scandinavian Design, I felt like I wanted to write a post about the must haves of fashion, music, literature, film and travel of this season.


On your head

The cap – made of 100% wool, it will keep your head warm during horribly cold mornings. image1xxl

Check it out here

Or this hat is more for you, spotted today at Stockholm University.


Check it out here

On your wrist

A clean, white watch to keep you on time for your “appointments” (with Netflix).


Check it out here.

Fashion piece

A simple peplum shirt will do the trick of pumping up your closet this autumn.


Check it out here.

Make the people around you smile with an incredibly fluffy and warm jumper. A big plus: the panda face. 🙂


Check it out here.

Reading food

Lena Dunham, one of my favourite people in the film business, has released her own book called: Not that kind of girl. It is a memoir which is said to be just as honest as the tv-series which Dunham directs, writes and stars in.


This book is a series of essays, stories and other writings written by Yale student Marina Keegan, all bundled together in one book. I have read the beginning of one of the essays, on which the title is based, and the story is heartwarming. It is written very well.

Yet reality hits hard.

Because reality isL Marina Keegan died in a car accident.


Television show

Scandal is one of those television shows that is addicting. The show revolves around Olivia Pope, the former white house communications director, and her crisis management firm.


I only started watching Gilmore Girls last week. I’m nearly through season 1. Says enough right. 🙂

It is a heartwarming series about a funny mother-daughter relationship and their lives.



Keep up with the most interesting news stories, that are not making headlines. Download VICE on the App Store.


Website off course. Keep up with this site, not only have I changed the theme, but this Autumn I will be writing a pile of great (hopefully) content.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 18.10.50


Autumn is a great time to be outside and admire the sceneries of nature. Take the train (or bus, or car, or bike, or feet) to a golf course or park and take a nice long walk with hot chocolate in a travel cup.


Music track

He’s not a rapper, but he’s a singer with a flow. Ed proves this in his new album “X”. (Pay special attention to “Nina” and “Take it back”)


“Stronger than Ever” by Raleigh Ritchie.


“You’re not the one” by Sky Ferreira.



I have probably already praised these before. But my biggest love in terms of shoes are Timberlands.


Check it out here.

Socks are essential too, this pair (inspired by Cher from Clueless) is great for under that skirt that you want to keep wearing during the cold.


Check them out here.


I’d love to hear from my readers so comment below if you have questions, additions and comments 🙂



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