6 fashion items Stockholmers love to wear in Autumn

I experienced a growing phase in many areas of my life in Stockholm. One of these areas I grew in, is my appreciation for fashion. I realised that fashion isn’t just clothes we put on every morning and money being spend (wasted), it is a form of self-expression. One that I used to hate because I was most comfortable in my jeans and hoodie.

That was until I saw a particular jacket at Zara while shopping with my mom. I bought it, and after having walked past it in my room for two weeks, I finally picked it up and wore it to school.

This not only started my crazy love for jackets, but also my expansion of style. Today, after having lived in Sweden for over 3 years, I’ve come to love the minimalistic Swedish style that I see every day in the train, bus, and on the street.

The Swedish fashion I see is off course limited to the Stockholm area and surroundings as I barely see other cities (thanks homework). The items below are therefore more of a generalisation of Swedish style and mostly an input of the things that I like and would wear.

Many people in Stockholm love minimalism. They reflect this not only in their architecture, interior design, design in general and off course their fashion. I hope you can see this minimalism in the list below.

Without further ado, I present to you, a brief lesson in Swedish fashion in Autumn.

1. A hat


Via: here.

As it feels like most of the year is winter and autumn (the seasons that fill the country with cold air, snow and icy rain), people like to wear hats. All year round.

2. A big scarf

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 21.57.39

Via: Here

To protect your throat against the ice demons and to up your look.

2. A jacket in a neutral colour, preferably.


Via: here.

Why a neutral colour? Because it fits with everything, and therefore it is not a purchase, but an investment.

3. Great shirt


Via: here.

Because when they are not covered by a big scarf, they show your personality. And again because one great neutral shirt, is an investment, rather than a purchase.

4. Preferably a Micheal Kors bag, if not, something black. image1xxl-8

Via: here.

Stockholmers love Michael Kors. But, they also love other grey and black bags (mostly black because again, investments people).

5. Cool Jeans or other tight pants


via: Here.

Tight enough to show the effort your made yesterday at the Sats gym and loose enough to not attract too many eyes of probably creepy dudes.

6. Boots


Via: Here.

Boots are needed to stomp through the heavy rain and the crunchy snow during Autumn and Winter.

Hope you liked this quick post, see you soon 🙂



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