6 songs that will change your replay list

Spotify is big in Sweden, very very big. Everyone in Stockholm listens to it; in the train, in bed, while cooking, while doing my homework and even while sitting in class. The price we must pay for unlimited listening to great music, and expanding your music taste is accepting the fact that awkward moments arise because of our lack of social skills.

For example, where I come from in Holland, Spotify is not as grown yet as here in Stockholm. In the bus and the train all the Dutch people strike up conversations with each other, because they are bored. In Stockholm, public transport is so silent that you can hear a needle drop. Even the people you know, or see every day, you don’t acknowledge them. You just sit in your spot with your headphones on.

Good thing I love music. I collected 6 songs that are on my replay list currently, I hope you like them.

Click the cover art to be redirected to youtube to listen to the song.

Clean Bandit & Jess Glyne – Real love

I feel some real love for Clean Bandit.


Misterwives – Reflections

I found this one through a Vine…


Zhu – Stay closer

I have great memories with this one. I didn’t know it, until someone showed it to me, and made fun of me because I didn’t know it.


Sky Ferreira – You’re not the one

I didn’t know Sky Ferreira until a friend recommended this song of hers to me. Since then I’ve been hooked.


Ed Sheeran – Nina

I’m going to Ed’s concert, so his entire album has to be studied by heart in order to be able to sing along.


Tove Lo – Not on Drugs

Tove lo is, I think, the best Swedish artist. Her entire new album Queen of the Clouds is amazing.



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