Defining yourself // “Now is Good” review

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Teenage life is a blurry, weird (hence the random picture of a baguette with peanut butter and the book: Not that kind of girl on the background), questionable chain of events that (like every other phase of our lives) help to define us. If there is a dictionary of people, the definition behind my name would be familiar, though a surprise. As I can not place the words to say who I truly am yet.

In contrast to adults, who most often seem to have their definition engraved in their brains, teenagers are clueless. Even those who seem not to be clueless. Questions that have arisen lately about myself is for example whether I like Indie pop, or rock better, or if I’m sporty or preppy, or if I’m sad or happy after watching a movie. It’s one big blur.

You know why we can’t figure ourselves out? It’s because there are so many labels, and for some reasons these labels cannot be associated together. “You can’t be both sporty and preppy because they just don’t mix” (not my words people). It’s ridiculous. But then again there are so many things that are ridiculous today, like vanilla Coca Cola, or the lack of social skills due to the rise of technology.

However, though we don’t know yet who we are, we are on our ways of defining ourselves. My definition of myself is lying on the tip of my tongue.

The road to get there is to make choices, hopefully the right ones for you, yet if they are not it’s okay to make mistakes, the only thing you should do is learning from them. Besides that you should stay curious in life and things that interest you.

The most important thing to remember is that we shouldn’t sit around and wait for our true selves to appear magically instead we should do what we love with the people we love, if the people you love don’t like indie music, maybe try to listen to a song that you both like for example. We love every moment of every day, accompanied to some great background music that you play on your phone off course (check out this post for some recommendations).

You might be wondering where I suddenly got this bulk of advice?

I realised all of the things above after watching the movie: Now is Good, starring Dakota Fanning. Dakota plays the role of Tessa Scott, a girl dying of leukaemia who is making the most of her last moments before her death. I have never cried so much because of a movie.

I wasn’t loving the movie in the beginning, as the first conversation that appeared on screen didn’t seem to have been acted with feeling, but rather read aloud for the first time. The rest of the movie is filled with magical vibes of real life, love and though it follows the life of Tessa, it shows the different perspectives of all the characters. This I think is very hard to do, and I must applaud for the director and co-writer: Ol Parker.

What did you think of Now is good? And do you have any advice on how to define yourself? Tell me below in the comments.

Looking forward to it! Have a great sunday :),

Heydö, // Joy



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