How to pack?

Oh my, autumn break is nearly here and so is my trip back home. I’m getting ready to step into the airplane, thinking of what I can bring with me, thinking of which new book I will buy to read. The trip is the most exciting part of the holiday, going to the airport, sitting in the airplane and have my inspirational moment high above the clouds. Maybe it is the lack of oxygen, and maybe, just maybe, it is the incredible view outside. The orange, yellow and pink colours that fall upon the clouds when the morning arrives, or the day goes, and the stars that you can stare at so well at night.

Packing is a very important part of travelling because once you are at your destination and you find out that you have nothing appropriate to wear, you will fall on your knees and ask yourself: “WHY? WHY?”. Remember my last post, Mottos to remember? You should not do anything that you will regret later. Not packing will be regretted.


First ask yourself what you are going to do at your destination. If you are going on a formal business trip, take it easy on the jeans, if you are going hiking, take it easy on the heels.


Check the weather forecast. If it is going to be cold and rainy, keep the bikinis home.


Make a plan of what you are going to do each day of your trip (or each week if it’s a long trip). Not only does this help give you a sense of time, but it also helps in determining what to bring.


Now look at your closet, it is easier to say what you do not have to pack, so forget about those. Don’t put your clothing choices in your suitcase yet, firstly put them somewhere so you can see if you still agree with them after a short break.


The essentials:

– underwear, one for every day of your trip, plus an extra one because you never know.

– socks. I don’t think it is considered underwear, but the same packing principle as with underwear is applied here.

For the clothes, have a colour scheme in mind, so everything suits with everything. Navy blue and white for example, is very easy to mix with red or yellow; e.g.: colour scheme: navy blue, white, red (or yellow)

– shirts. Two or three shirts should be pared with one pair of pants.

– shoes. Put them in a plastic bag or shower cap. You don’t need four pairs of shoes, I guarantee you.

– pyjama. Don’t forget this unless you like sleeping naked.

Important strategy here: I always like to roll my pants, it takes less space, and fold my t-shirts, to minimise the folds in them. Also, I put the heavier items on the bottom and things I need firstly on top.

Also, stuff your shoes with socks, sunglasses, chargers and other things.


Toiletries. If you are flying, don’t forget to put everything in a see through, sealed bag to prevent awkward moments at the customs. Also, try to find travel-sized products and bottles in which you can put your make-up and shaving cream and all.

Think of what you use every day, put those in your clear bag. Then think of what you might need extra during this trip, extra hair ties, shaving cream etc. etc.



– Laptop? If so, take your charger too.

– Phone? If so, take your charger too. Also, bring headphones, just in case.

– Camera? If so, take the charger too and an extra memory card.

– Entertainment? If so, buy them in advance and put them on top of your suitcase or in your handbag so you have them close to you. I forgot to do this once, and when I tried to grab my suitcase if fell on a small Asian guy who seemed to be having trouble with headaches the rest of the flight.

– Bring a bag in which you can put your dirty clothes. It saves you from sorting time later.

– Jewellery, scarfs and other accessories. Any accessories will be your best friends when travelling because they can make an outfit look completely different. Take enough to change it up every day. Don’t take more than two small bags with you, you can fill these bags with your accessories.

Just a handful of other advice:

– Always take an extra t-shirt and pair of underwear with you in your handbag.

– If your suitcase is missing you will thank me for it. Don’t put any incredibly valuable and important things in your suitcase either. Always ask yourself if you will miss it if your suitcase is missing. If so, take it with you.

– A light suitcase means more things to take with you.

– If you have free time at your destination, that you will spend shopping – always leave space in your suitcase for new buys.

That’s it for this post. I hope you like it and that you will have an amazing trip, without any packing problems. 🙂


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