Honest packing advice from a [pro] traveller

My first flight was when I was three months old. Since then me and my family travelled at least 2 or 3 times a year. I can tell you that I have made many mistakes while packing and travelling (trust me), and I’m still making many new mistakes. I thought I would give you some more advice after my last post about packing strategies

Most versatile piece of clothing:  Jeans, jeans, jeans. Why? Because jeans suit with everything, they are perfect when sightseeing, shopping, at night, in the morning, while exercising (though not highly recommended in jeans) and when meeting people. Personally I prefer jeans from Hollister and Levi’s jeans, mostly because you can get stretch jeans (great when you have a bloated stomach in the airplane) (#planebaby am I right 😉 ).

Something I used to pack, that I don’t anymore: Seven books, three pyjama’s and the entire bottle of perfume and face wash. Don’t take more than two books, you just take up valuable space you can spend on underwear, or jeans. Also, don’t take the entire bottles of something because I had to throw these away at customs many times, instead, put everything in small bottles (you can buy these in a pharmacy (probably)).

Favourite travel entertainment items: A book, my iPad mini with some movies downloaded on it, a notebook, and a magazine. Preferably Company magazine, but Teen Vogue, Flow or any other magazine will keep me interested too.  Also, I need my headphones (brand: Urbanears) at all time, not just to block noises, but also to listen to my favourite tunes while in the car, airplane, train, subway, taxi…

Must haves in your hand luggage:  Lip balm and moisturiser for dry lips and skin, earplugs for loud children, hand disinfectant, aspirin for when you have a headache caused by loud children and a scarf because the air-conditioning can be set really high.

Go-to-bag: A backpack as hand luggage, why? Because it balances the weight over both shoulders, leaving me with less back pain than with a onestrap bag. I really love the brand: Fjallraven, as you can fit a lot in it (there are not many pockets though…)

Travel safely ❤



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