A thank you letter to the employee at the bookshop

Dear pregnant employee at the Pocketshop bookshop,

I walked into bookshop quite clueless. First walking around, then pausing at the English bookshelf waging between a book about a streetcat named Bob that reminds me of Garfield, and the first book of Game of Thrones. I’m not very good at making a decision between books because I always feel like I’m leaving something, a possible memory, a possible learning experience, behind on the purple bookshelves of your shop.

When I asked you to help me you took me on an adventure from New York to Istanbul, even though we were standing in a small purple themed bookstore in a subway station during all the trips. The way you spoke about the books in a British accent with a faint Swedish pronunciation, while nearly acting out the plots with your hands like Italians made me realise something.


That maybe it’s not the most successful women we should look up to.

But the passionate ones.

Thank you for this. And your recommendation of Tina Fey’s biography: Bossypants off course. I have already finished half of it in less than two hours in the airplane. It made me laugh out loud, like you predicted, and I like it even better than Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl.

Next time I will buy the other book you recommended. With the blue cover and an illustration of a woman with big round sunglasses on.

See you next time // Joy


2 thoughts on “A thank you letter to the employee at the bookshop

  1. I love this post! It’s nice to put down in writing the appreciation for something that’s small, but can make a big difference, and you wrote it in a beautifully concise and simple way. I was also wondering, where did you get the pictures for this post? I love both of them! 🙂


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