Step 1. to improving your world

I’m not an expert on this subject, but together with the help of my friends and my parents I made a few bulletpoints with little, easy ways in which we can improve the world a little.

The first step to improving your world (and I say your because these pieces of advice help to improve the world around you, everyone is interested in improving the world around themselves no?) begins with you.

The very first step is small, like that of a baby that has never walked before.

When you are walking on the street, or walking your dog, or lying on your bed, or in the classroom, or at work, take a look around and make a list (either in your head, or write it down) listing all the beautiful little things that you see. For example how gorgeous the golden glow is that the sun creates on the leafs of a tree, or how good it smells outside of a bakery.


Hopefully realising this makes you happy, which makes you smile. Often when I see someone randomly smiling it makes me smile, and after asking some of my friends, it applies to them to. Therefore your smile makes someone else happy, and as a consequence smile, and they make other people happy, thus continuing the circle of happiness.

The circle of happiness was sparked off by you.

Keep tuned for step. 2 to improving your world. 🙂


Images from: weheartit

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