25 signs you’ve become Swedish when…

Last week was packed with homework, this was the only time available to create the post I have been working on during my commutes to school and home. Only this week I realised how Swedish I have become, and I am loving it because Sweden is such an amazing country with an amazing culture.

  1. Someone sitting or standing close to you on the train is awkward

  2. Spontaneously talking to someone in the train is not-done

  3. Eating Kanelbulle is the highlight of your day

  4. You drink coffee and hot chocolate all day every day

  5. You get on time everywhere

  6. You wear snow boots outside under your gorgeous dress and change into more appropriate shoes when you arrive at your location

  7. You take off your shoes each time you enter a house

  8. Pepparkakor make you watermouthed

  9. You know the beggars at the train stations and say hi to them every day

  10. You do not look up from your phone in the train

  11. and if you do and make eye contact with someone you just…giphy

  12. You don’t laugh when your train stops at the last stop and..enhanced-buzz-4968-1371573613-9

  13. Meatballs. Meatballs at least once a week.

  14. You squeeze everything from a tube, including fish eggs

  15. You go to the local H&M that is located next to your town’s local bakery

  16. Djungelvrål is the best salty liquorish candy and you can eat it without squinting

  17. You have visited the ABBA museum and karaoked at least once on their music

  18. Dads walking around the park with their baby’s doesn’t surprise you

  19. You don’t take pictures like an obsessed person of the deer in your backyard anymore

  20. You refuse to pay for water when you go to a restaurant in a foreign country because water is free where you come from

  21. Fireworks aren’t just for new years

  22. Incredibly small elevators without doors don’t scare you

  23. The cold doesn’t bother you anywaytumblr_mzn2aoKFFo1slhycko1_500

  24. You go guy spotting at the Hollister

  25. Marabou chocolate is the greatest chocolate ever made

Have I forgotten anything? Comment below.


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