21 things you can do while waiting for the bus

Can you guess what I am doing right now?
Look at the title of this post
What about now?
Exactly, I am waiting for the bus (16 minutes) currently, in the cold, with four old ladies waiting in the same stall, imaging the warmth of my home and the relief to throw my bag in the corner and relax. While I am waiting I decided to make a quick lost of stuff you can do while waiting for the bus. I got inspired.

1. Listen to a foreign song on repeat until you can sing the lyrics

2. Write a short story about what would happen if … Happened to you at that moment.

3. Secretly take pictures of people

4. Walk around and count the tiles.

5. Or gum stuck to the tiles

6. Sit down and watch people pass

7. Imagine where they are going

8. Look through, delete and organize your pictures

9. Send your mom/dad/grandma/friend a sweet message

10. Create a to do list

11. Throw away stuff in your bag, like old papers

12. Explore your bag, did you even remember you had that?

13. Reach for your book and study

14. Chat with the old lady next to you, they love to talk, make a comment about the weather and most of the time they are hooked

14. Study the map indicating all the stops

15. Make a dance only involving your legs while sitting on a bench

16. Think of what you’re going to make for dinner tonight

17. Study the advertisement, what would you have changed?

18. Draw on your hand

19. Do your hair

20. Find the warmest spot around so you don’t freeze

21. Write a blog post


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