facts about the Peshawar Attack

Ever since I heard about the Peshawar attack I wanted to write a blog post about it. Yet finding the basic facts about it was kind of difficult. Therefore I made a post compiling the information I found in a small amount of words.

What? On the 16th of December, 10 am, one of the largest massacres ever committed in Pakistan was carried out by the Taliban.

Where? At the Army Public School in Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan.


How many? More than 142 people dead. Mostly children. 124 people injured.


Source: Reuters

Who? According to the Pakistani media, a group of paramilitary uniform-wearing Taliban gunmen carried out the attack. The Taliban are an Islamic fundamentalist political movement which formed Afghanistan’s government from 1996 to 2001.


Source: Dailymail. 

This picture was released by the Taliban, showing the gunmen who carried out the attack and the guns they used.

Why? According to the Daily Mail, Khurasani (the Taliban’s spokesman) attempted to justify the attack by claiming that the Pakistani army has long killed the innocent children and families of Taliban fighters. The Taliban is known to target schoolchildren after their attack on, for example, Malala Yousafsai. Malala survived the attack and is now a Nobel laureate and activist for female education.


Thoughts? The Peshawar attack will hopefully inspire international aid for counter-terrorism measures in Pakistan and the rest of the world.

First steps have already been taken to improve international counter-terrorism cooperation such as between China and Pakistan (the Diplomat). The two countries have already discussed and pledged cooperation for counter-terrorism measures in Pakistan and China.



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