About me.

Hey there and welcome to the page where I’m supposed to write something about me and my blog.

I’m going to start with sharing that I never really liked fashion before.

Which might be odd since I blog about fashion on this blog. Before I moved to Stockholm (in Sweden, not in Switzerland, and no, there are NO polar bears here), I lived in a pretty small city with no nice clothing shops. Stockholm opened my eyes (not only fashion-wise) and from the first day I didn’t walk around in only sweaters and jeans, but also in t-shirts and jeans ;). Just kidding, I dress much more diverse now.

Back in Holland (the country I lived in before Stockholm), I believed that fashion was just a waste of my time (and money). Now, in Stockholm, I realise that fashion is not just a waste of time (but time is money people, time is money), it is a way to express yourself, and an investment for the future (if you shop right).

Since I got more interested in fashion, I started reading fashion blogs more and more. Today I am a proud reader of fashion blogs and love it. There was always one thing that bothered me about these fashion blogs though (and I’ll come back to that in a moment). Personally I have tried (hard) to keep a fashion blog running, but it’s just not use because I miss something on fashion blogs: LIFE and WORDS. Or rather: the brains behind the beauty’s and the genius minds that put together those great outfits.

Why should we have a blog JUST about fashion? It just doesn’t feel right.

Hence I started this blog to explore my curiosity (roll credits for the title of my blog), fashion and start combining fashion, travel, news and personal posts.

I have travelled quite a lot in my life. The first time travelling was when I was two weeks old, it was a trip from my home country Holland, to my other home country: Italy. I am a 16 year old senior living in Stockholm, currently I am focusing on my blog, getting into university and passing my exams, but after that I aspire to be either a diplomat or movie director (I know that they are two very different things, but my passions lie in both of them).

Thanks for reading, hope you like it 🙂



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